We want to see every young person gain in confidence and ability, make new friends and learn from new experiences. To succeed.

In 2013 over 13,000 young people took part in NCS with The Challenge. They learnt about themselves and their potential, their community and the difference they can make to it. They had the opportunity to climb mountains and build rafts; to make films and present their ideas; to meet and understand people who are different to them and develop a social action project.  We want to keep 50% of these young people involved year-round.

You can help make year-round programmes a reality and make a real difference to your local community. We are asking for a donation of £150 to enable a young person to be inspired and make a difference through The Challenge Society. This will help ensure we are able to bring together young people from all walks of life and build understanding and trust in the local community.

So, if you would like to donate:

-  £150 enables a young person to take part in a year of social action and personal development projects with The Challenge Society

To make a donation please email Ruth Galea, our Fundraising Manager, at or click the link below

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